Make health & well-being your top-priority when you live at our Uptown Dallas apartments

When we have our health, we don’t need much else. And as soon as our health starts to fade, we realize just how important it is to take care of ourselves – both in mind and body. For residents of our apartments in Uptown Dallas, you’ll find it easy and convenient to live a healthy lifestyle.

Located just minutes from L2 Uptown are cafes, restaurants, gyms, studios, and spas for all of your health and wellness needs. So, whether it’s part of your daily health routine or you just feel like doing something good for your well-being – it’s all available to you near our Uptown Dallas apartments.

Food & Drink

Buda Juice – Just over a 7-minute walk from L2 Uptown is vitamin-packed, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices at Buda Juice. Never processed or pasteurized, every bottle of Buda Juice is jam-packed with nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins that will have you feeling your best. They even offer cleanse programs. Visit their website for additional information.

Skinny Fats – Some days you want to eat super healthy and some days you want a fat, juicy burger. It’s all about balance at Skinny Fats! On their menu, you’ll find a ‘healthy’ and a ‘happy’ option for every item. You might order a shaved steak sandwich on a whole wheat bun while your friend might get the cheddar cheese beef burger with all the fixings. There’s no judgment here. View the menu and order online at their website.

Salata – Salads, bowls, wraps, and more salads are what you’ll find at Salata. Less than a 10-minute walk from our Uptown Dallas apartments, you can create and build a yummy and healthy meal – just the way you like it. Start with a base, pick your ingredients, and finish it off with the dressing of your choice. Delish! Order online through their website.

Southpaws Grill – Fast, casual, and super tasty is what you can expect from Southpaws Grill. Inspired by natural, clean, and sustainably-raised products, their menu features items such as berries and spinach salad, Smart Burger with portobello, quinoa wrap, or you can choose to build your own bowl. View the full menu and their hours at the website.


Corepower Yoga – Get in the flow at Corepower Yoga, just over a 5-minute drive from our apartments in Uptown Dallas. Here, you’ll find yoga classes ranging from Vinyasa flow basics, combination weight and yoga, as well as Hot Power Fusion where you’ll practice your strength and flexibility in 103 degrees. Learn more, buy a membership, and view class schedules on their website.

SoulCycle – Incorporating both cardio and strength training, SoulCycle is here to help you meet your fitness goals – plus, give you a mental boost. Their indoor cycling classes take place in a dim, candlelit room, where riders will pedal and sculpt to their one-of-kind playlists while being motivated by their amazing instructors. Purchase classes and view schedules at their website.

Barry’s Dallas – If you’re looking for high-intensity and lots of sweat – head to Barry’s, less than a 5-minute walk from L2 Uptown. Here, you’ll also find dimly-lit rooms (this time, with a red hue) where you’ll perform cardio interval training on treadmills split with strength training on the floor. They boast that you’ll burn 1,000 calories per workout. Learn more at their website.

Pure Barre – Taught by highly-trained instructors, Pure Barre offers classes that give a total-body barre workout that is focused on low-impact and high-intensity. Their classes aim to tone muscles and improve strength, flexibility, and agility. Learn more and book classes on their website.

Massage & Spa

Hand & Stone Massage – For a relaxing spa experience, you’ll only need to walk 5 minutes to Hand & Stone Massage. Open seven days a week, they offer a range of massages, facials, aromatherapy, and hair removal services. Try a Swedish or deep tissue massage or treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial. View all of their services and book an appointment on their website.


Happiness, health, and well-being are all just steps away from our Uptown Dallas apartments. Stop by and see why you will love calling L2 Uptown your home.

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