The 5 best checklists to stay organized in your Cherry Creek apartment each month

Whether you live in one of our one-bedroom or three-bedroom units, keeping your home tidy and organized is a priority when you have limited space. And although all of the gorgeous units at our Cherry Creek apartments are spacious, it can be a challenge to organize all of your clothes, knick-knacks, linens, office supplies, and other items that day-to-day life requires.

Sometimes, it can help to have a checklist to guide you through certain tips, tricks, and hacks when it comes to organization and cleanliness. Here are 5 of the best checklists to help you keep your home uncluttered and clean.


  1. The Mother of All Checklists – 5-Steps to Deep Clean and Stay Organized

When you want to hit the ‘reset’ button on your entire home, this checklist is the one you’ll want to follow. Not only will it help you deep clean your entire apartment, but it will also help set you on a path to keeping your home organized for the long term. It’s only five steps, but each one is intensive and might take a bit of time for you to dedicate to it. Find the details of this mega-transformation checklist at The Home Blog.


  1. A Room-by-Room Guide – Organization and Storage for Every Room

Organizing your entire unit at our Cherry Creek apartments can feel like a daunting task – where do you even start? Thankfully, Apartment Guide has put together a list of 21 items that takes you room by room, helping you tackle organization and storage issues. Starting with small steps, one by one, can help make a huge task feel much more manageable. Take baby steps with the help of the checklist you can find here.


  1. Staying on Track Every Month – Monthly Home Organization and Checklist

Now that you’ve gotten your apartment organized, clean, and looking cozy as ever, your next task is keeping it that way. Instead of doing a deep clean every 4 to 6 months, use checklists to help keep you on top of chores and organization every single month. By doing tasks in certain months for certain rooms or items, you can help keep your home super tidy all year long. The Spruce came up with a fantastic calendar and checklist for you to follow.


  1. A Checklist for Day-to-Day Life – Checklists for Cleaning, Finances, Groceries, and More

A clean and tidy home can help keep your mind clear and organized as well. But, of course, there’s more to home life than that – there are finances, groceries, family activities, and other things to keep track of too. How can you keep it all clear? More checklists, of course! Home Storage Solutions 101 has over 30 checklists to help keep your entire home life organized from decluttering to emergency contacts. You can find them all here.


  1. A Checklist for the Future – A Plan for Success

 When you want to make a long-term change when it comes to organization in your home, it can take a change in mindset. Once your home is clean, it takes a certain state of mind and intention to keep it that way. By framing your mind in certain ways and having a bit of guidance as to where to begin, you can get the momentum going for good. Rent Café created a checklist to help you do just that. You can find it here.


Apartment living doesn’t have to mean ‘cramped’ or ‘cluttered’ living. With the help of these checklists, you can help keep your home organized, clean, and welcoming – just like your sanctuary should be. Stop by Gardens and Cherry Creek and see which floor plan is best for you.

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