Sycamore Community Schools: Educational Excellence near our Apartments in Mason

When you have a family, a choice of where to live becomes a little more important. You need a place where your kids can feel safe, blow off steam outside, enjoy time with their favorite pets, and have a comfortable, spacious place to call home. Here at Wellington Place apartments in Mason, we pride ourselves on being the best place in which to raise children in Cincinnati. With our large, fenced-in yards that back up to the woods, our resort-style swimming pool, our on-site bark park, and our sunny, spacious floor plans, your entire family is sure to feel right at home here at our luxury apartments in Mason.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of living at our Mason OH apartments are the exceptional quality of the schools. Living here, you can rest assured that your children will receive the best education possible.

A Highly Ranked School District

If you want to get your children off to the best start possible, look no further than Sycamore Community Schools. Ranked the fifth best school district in the entire state of Ohio and the 22nd best in the entire nation, Sycamore Community Schools “provide challenging, inspiring, and engaging educational experiences to equip students with critical skills” and “promote the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth needed to be highly successful in college and careers and to be productive citizens,” according to their mission statement.

Even more impressive, their quality profile lauds that all four Sycamore elementary schools were voted in the top 25 Public Elementary Schools in the Greater Cincinnati area for the Cincinnati Business Courier.

Needless to say, Sycamore Community Schools pride themselves on quality in education. They pride themselves on being relationship-driven, innovative, empowering, and fostering an inclusive environment with a sense of accountability.

According to, a website that performs rigorous analysis on large data sets to rank schools across the country, the Sycamore Community school district has a fabulous report card across the board. Sycamore Community School’s overall “grade” on is an A+, gleaning top scores in academics, quality of teachers, clubs, and activities, administration, food, college prep, health and safety, sports, and facilities. Diversity ranks slightly behind, clocking in with an A-, but is still significantly above the national average.

Sycamore High School: A Cut Above the Rest

Ranked the seventh best public high school in the entire state of Ohio, Sycamore High School is a fantastic launching pad for bright students who are meant to go far. With an Advanced Placement (AP) participation rate at 52 percent and a whopping 98 percent of those students passing those AP exams with flying colors, Sycamore High School outperforms the rest of Ohio by 25 points in math and reading, according to US News and World Report. It’s no wonder that ranks Sycamore High School number seven of 735 for the “Best College Prep Public High Schools in Ohio”.

Sycamore High School also prides itself on its stellar sports and extracurricular activities. Complete with classics such as football and hockey, Sycamore High School also offers Ski Club, Yoga Club, Ultimate Frisbee, Swimming, Dance team, cheerleading, gymnastics, and more. There are plenty of opportunities for your high schooler to break a sweat here at Sycamore High!

But young athletes aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a good time after school. Sycamore High School has some of the best, most varied extracurricular programs in the state of Ohio, offering clubs such as Astronomy Club, Chemistry Club, Cooking Club, Garden Club, Girls Who Code, Ski Club, Model UN, Chess Club, Art Club, and even Back 2 Back, a club dedicated to being a voice for orphans. Your kids will never get bored at this high school – instead, they’ll find passions to carry them throughout their lives.

What the Students Think

Don’t take our word for it – the best place to hear about a school is from the students who went there and who know it best. The quality of a school can make or break a student’s experience and even future, but these students sing praises for Sycamore Community Schools – with 33 out of 36 students ranking Sycamore Community Schools as either “Excellent” or “Very Good” on

“I’ve been in Sycamore schools from Kindergarten to Senior year,” says one recent graduate of the school district, “It has pushed me to take classes I never thought I would that resulted in finding new passions and so many friendships. Highschool has prepared me very well for college in the level of rigor. Overall, I will miss Sycamore schools very much.”

Another student sings praises about the wonderful teachers that can be found within these walls. “I have attended Sycamore since Kindergarten and I truly feel I have been prepared for college,” they say, “I can honestly say that every teacher has truly cared about me and my peers and not only wanted us to succeed, but helped us get to where we wanted to be.”

Sycamore Community Schools are able to prepare its students so well for college, perhaps in part because they focus on every individual student, expecting the most from their students, and allowing each young learner to reach new heights in their skills and knowledge.

Our Apartments in Mason Ohio – Where You Raise Your Family to Reach for the Stars

Here at our Wellington Place apartments in Cincinnati, we enjoy the best of both worlds. We share an address with one of the most colorful cities in America, and we’re just 15 minutes from some of the best schools in Ohio. Our Mason apartments offer incredible opportunities for growing kids to feel safe and comfortable, and to stretch their legs, throw the frisbee for their dog, swim in our luxury pool, and enjoy spending time with good neighbors.

Request your tour of our apartments in Mason today so you can see our wonderful community first-hand. We are excited to have you as a neighbor!

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