Shop and dine at Westfield Countryside near our Clearwater apartments

Well-known names to local favorites – find all your shopping and dining needs near our apartments in Clearwater

Big box retailers and major chain restaurants or small boutiques and local cafes – no matter your preference, residents of our apartments in Clearwater can find it near Westfield Countryside. Located just 10 minutes from Bayside Arbors, the Westfield Countryside shopping center is home to over 100 retailers and restaurants, serving over 9 million people

Historic Elizabeth is just blocks away from our Uptown apartments.

Historic & charming Elizabeth – Just a few blocks away from our Uptown Charlotte apartments

The quaint and darling Elizabeth neighborhood in Charlotte was founded in 1891—making it the city’s second-oldest streetcar suburb. The present-day neighborhood is still full of 19th-century charm, but now, you’ll find that the old houses have been converted into adorable, niche boutiques and mouthwatering, delicious restaurants. And luckily for residents of our Uptown Charlotte apartments—Elizabeth

Escape to the Mediterranean just minutes from our apartments in McKinney.

Take a trip to the Mediterranean when you visit Adriatica Village – just 10 minutes away from our McKinney apartments

Have you ever dreamed of wandering through cobblestone streets of a European village? Well, residents of our McKinney apartments can take a short 10-minute drive and find themselves whisked away to the Mediterranean – at least it certainly feels like that anyway. Modeled after a quaint fishing village in Croatia, Adriatica Village features unique shops,