The New Albany Farmers Market: Live local and shop local all year-round

There’s something magical about supporting local businesses, artisans, farmers, and musicians.

Here at The Estates at New Albany, we’re lucky to live at some of the best apartments for rent in New Albany because we’re so close to one of the most robust Farmers Markets in the Columbus area. 

All four seasons at the New Albany Farmers Market

The New Albany Farmers Market helps make New Albany a healthier place to live. The farmers market runs on the first Saturday morning of the month, and hosts many booths from local farms, artisans, local businesses, and more.

The New Albany Farmers Market is unique in that it continues to host farmers markets throughout the winter season! In the winter, farmers markets are held indoors at the Philip Heit Center for Healthy New Albany. The first 50 customers to show up receive a wooden coin worth $1 toward any vendor product, so arrive early!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that the farmers market has nothing to offer. Year-round, they offer seasonal produce from local greenhouses, beautifully handcrafted artisan products, fresh baked goods and pastries, and locally-made coffee, honey, bread, and more. Expect to find local meat, eggs, apples, cider, maple syrup, ice cream, mustards, honey, baked goods, artisan gifts, cheese, and so much more.

Supporting local artisans

In fact, what better way to complete your Christmas shopping than at the local farmers market? Purchase beautifully hand-made Christmas gifts while supporting local artists. (And get to know your neighbors a little better while you’re at it!)

At the New Albany Farmers Market, there are locally-crafted gifts for all your friends and family members. Purchase specialty sweets and chocolates from Denae’s Sweets, who sells specialty chocolates, trail mix, candies, and other delicious desserts. Grab some artisan soaps by the Glenn Avenue Soap Company, who infuse pure essential oils and only the finest ingredients into their soaps. Buy some local hand-knit hats, locally-made candles, beautiful stoneware and ceramics, and jewelry by local artist Valerie Long, who specializes in crafting vintage-inspired jewelry made with gems.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the artisan gifts you can find at the New Albany Farmers Market. There are beautiful little surprises around every corner.

A spotlight for local musicians

What’s casual shopping without some background music to set the mood? The New Albany Farmers Market is a huge supporter of local musicians who come out to the market every Saturday to strum their guitars and serenade shoppers. During the winter, musicians enjoy playing their songs by the fireplace inside the Heit Center for Healthy New Albany. In the summer, of course, musicians play outside in the sunshine. While you’re at the market, be sure to stop and pay respects to the local musicians who come to make your shopping experience all the more special.

Grab a bite at some delicious food trucks

The people of New Albany are especially lucky for the opportunity to enjoy local food trucks at their farmers market. Their delicious food trucks include the Blu Olive, an Italian-style food truck that serves Italian sandwiches, including a Meatball sandwich, chicken parmesan, eggplant parmesan and more. Or you can build your own bowl of either pasta or salad, including meatballs, chicken, salmon, or eggplant, and a sauce of your choice.

Or opt for the Hahn Solo Food Truck, serving up Indonesian cuisine including Sumatra beef rendang, lamb and chicken skewers, a vegan bowl, some tacos, and more.

Try the Pitabilities Food Truck, which serves exactly that: pitas! Serving up falafel, Greek gyro, buffalo chicken and BBQ flavors (among many others) the pita possibilities are endless!

And finally, Little Kitchen Food truck is happy to serve up nutritious fare; including chickpea salad, smoothies, salads and chilis, with your occasional indulgence (try out their pumpkin spice donuts, you will not be sorry!)

The New Albany Farmers Market is a place where you can purchase fresh local produce and goods for a healthier home, but it’s also a fantastic place to grab lunch with your favorite friends and family members while listening to local music.

Why are farmers markets important to New Albany?

Imagine it’s a beautiful Saturday morning and you’ve been meaning to pick up some staple food items for the week ahead. How would you rather spend your morning: at Walmart, or perusing the booths at the local farmers market in the sunshine, a bouquet of flowers in your arms, listening to soft live music, watching children play as farmers reap the bounties of their harvest?

Not only are farmers markets a fabulous way to spend a morning with your family, they’re also essential in supporting the local economy. Shopping at farmers markets supports local family farmers who live right down the street.

In a world of large agribusiness, local family farmers have a hard time keeping food on the table. It’s getting harder for them to compete in the food marketplace. The small farmer needs your help now more than ever, and the local farmers market is the best way to help.

Supporting local farmers markets is also a great way to cut down on packaging waste and to cut down on food shipping. According to the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA), “Food in the United States travels an average of 1,500 miles to get to your plate. All this shipping uses large amounts of natural resources (especially fossil fuels), contributes to pollution, and creates trash with extra packaging. Food at the farmers market is transported shorter distances and is generally grown using methods that minimize the impact on the earth.”

What better way to give back to New Albany than by supporting local farmers who put food on the community table?

As you can see, the New Albany Farmers Market is more than just a farmers market. It’s a place for the community to gather – to support local farmers, growers, artisans, local musicians, local food trucks, and to come together as a community to support the amazing local scene.

Join the community! Explore the amazing New Albany Farmers Market near our apartments in New Albany

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