Get your heart pumping at these fitness centers near our Austin Landing apartments

Our apartments near Austin Landing offer so many perks and amenities—especially if you’re someone who prioritizes health and fitness. The property boasts 15 acres with walking trails, a resort-style swimming pool, 24-hour fitness center, 24-hour indoor basketball court, and spacious units for you to do at-home workouts. But when you feel like taking a class, hitting a gym, or finding a little extra motivation through personal training, there are lots of amazing fitness centers and studios nearby. Here are some of the best fitness centers near Austin Springs.


G.A.C. Fitness

For all things fitness, G.A.C. Fitness is your go-to facility—and it’s just ten minutes from our apartments near Austin Landing. Whether you’re looking for strength, cardio, or a combination of both, this fitness studio has everything you need. Try classes like spin, dance, yoga, HIIT, and more, where you can strengthen, tone, and gain flexibility. They also offer classes for older adults, events, camps, and programs. Learn about classes, memberships, and other details on the G.A.C. Fitness website.


Renegade Warehouse

Known as one of the nicest private gyms in Ohio, Renegade Warehouse is not pretentious or fancy. “Train like there’s no tomorrow” is their motto and they take it very seriously. If you’re on a mission to crush fitness goals and push yourself to the limit, this is the place you want to be. “It doesn’t work for everybody but the athletes who commit themselves mentally and physically to training with us earn results, simple as that,” they say on their website, and they do that through classes like CrossFit, Titan Strength, Sports Performance, and Forever Fit. Learn more about what they do, memberships, and more on the Renegade Warehouse website.



Another athlete-focused training facility is PowerAthlete, just 15-minutes from our apartments near Austin Landing. Reach your full potential by surrounding yourself with people who motivate and inspire you. They offer sports conditioning (volleyball, soccer, baseball, football, and more), personal training, nutrition coaching, hybrid boxing, and lots more. They even boast programming for those that are recovering from an injury or surgery. Learn more about their philosophy and programs on the PowerAthlete website.


Altered Gym

Altered Gym combines group workouts, proven training methods, and a purpose-oriented atmosphere at their facility. Their classes combine mobility, strength, and conditioning with a focus on fundamentals and power-driven movements that get you the results you want. On their schedule, you’ll find classes called Build and Lift + Move. Build is strength only, while lift and move is strength and mobility. Learn more about the classes and schedule a free intro class on the Altered Gym website.



Whatever your fitness goals may be, Baer-Fit wants to help you smash them. The experienced trainers at this studio will design a fitness plan specifically for you, no matter if you’re looking to shed pounds and tone up or if you’re a seasoned athlete or competitor. Each package with these pros includes training sessions, coaching, meal planning, workout planning, accountability, and full access to the gym. Read testimonials, buy a package, and learn more on the Baer-Fit website.


CrossFit Skyfall

Making CrossFit accessible to athletes of all ages and skill levels, CrossFit Skyfall offers programs that help individuals meet all of their fitness and health goals. If you’re interested in weight loss and toning, they have high intensity programs for that. If your goal is strength and muscle gain, their CrossFit and weightlifting classes are here for you. They also offer boot camps, classes for those 50+, and personal training as well. Sign up for a free class and learn more on the CrossFit Skyfall website.


When health and fitness are at the top of our priority list, there are so many amazing options for you when you live at our apartments near Austin Landing. Stop by Austin Springs today to tour our stunning and impressive property.

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