Frightening Amounts of Fun near our Mason Apartments

Halloween fun just down the street from our Mason apartments

It’s fall here at our Mason apartments which means it’s time again for an annual Halloween tradition, Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt. Every October for decades, Kings Island morphs itself into the one of the scariest haunted theme parks in the country, going bigger and scarier each and every year. Just … Read More

9 Breweries You Absolutely Can’t Miss in Cincinnati

cincinnati breweries

If you’re an ale-quaffing, porter-tasting, red-guzzling, lager-slugging, red-blooded American (recently transplanted or otherwise), then you’re lucky to be hanging your hat in Cincinnati. Cincinnati has an old tradition of beer crafters. Even back in the 1870s, Cincinnati had over 40 breweries! But why all the breweries at that time, when … Read More