Owning and operating luxury apartment communities across the United States

The Connor Group is a nationally recognized real estate investment firm that owns and operates luxury apartment communities across the U.S. We’re here to help you find your perfect apartment home to fit your life style.

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Larry Connor

Managing Partner

Larry Connor

Larry Connor, Managing Partner

In 1992, The Connor Group consisted of one investor and $400,000 of seed funding to buy three apartment communities in Dayton, Ohio. Today, we have more than 1,300 investors, $5 billion in assets, and operate in 18 markets across the country.

We started with three Partners. Today we have more than 60. It’s a group that includes service techs, administrative personnel, property managers, sales associates, trainers, and top executives. In 2015 we promoted our first grounds person to Partner. There is no glass ceiling here. And, because there isn’t, our associates have a “sky’s-the-limit” attitude.

What’s at the core of our success? People. More specifically, people who share a common vision, commit to our Core Values, are passionate about what they do and are dedicated and driven to be the best. Culture also plays a key part in our success. Rooted in our five core values, it also includes discipline, training, innovation and hard work.

We actively recruit people from all types of industries and businesses and provide them with the tools they need to be successful. We don’t hire from within the apartment industry. Our associates don’t know the “industry standards.” And without those preconceptions, they have no knowledge of what someone else has deemed impossible. It may make us outsiders, but that’s okay. We aren’t overly concerned about conventional wisdom or what others are doing, so our associates proceed with the mindset that anything is possible. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone, but it works for us.

The Connor Group Building


The Connor Group is a real estate investment firm that owns and operates luxury apartments in Austin, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Charlotte, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, Dallas, Denver, Tampa, San Antonio, Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville, Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton. Led by managing partner Larry Connor, The Connor Group brings an innovative approach to the apartment industry.

The company is a real estate investment firm in name, but professional operators by trade. Our goal: dramatically increase the value of communities by significantly improving the bottom line and customer satisfaction. It’s an approach that endures to this day and has allowed The Connor Group to stand out as industry leaders, winning numerous awards regionally and nationally for excellence and innovation.

The Connor Group Central Support Office in Dayton, Ohio


It’s our culture


Doing the right thing means every person at every level of the organization is expected to act with integrity. It’s our most basic and fundamental core value and it encompasses all aspects of our business.


At its core, the Circle of Success is a study in individual accountability, often within a team setting. It’s the engine that drives the company and is the common denominator which links every Connor Group Associate in every job position, in every location, every day.


If The Connor Group had a slogan, this would be it. People lead growth; not the other way around. Success starts by hiring the right people with the right competencies and commitment to excellence.


Unlike most organizations, The Connor Group not only plans five years or more ahead, we actually execute strategies to reach our goals. We enter the process without limitations on what we think we can or can’t do.


Every endeavor is a cyclical process of assessment, adjustment and innovation. At the end of each endeavor the most common question you’ll hear is, how do we make it better?

Non-profit Investing


A percentage of Connor Group revenue goes to its non-profit arm, The Connor Group Kids and Community Partners. Every time a Connor Group associate adds to the bottom line, they’re helping under-resourced kids in the communities where we operate. The company plans on investing roughly $500 million in non-profits over the next decade.

Kids and Community
Giving Back

People are our #1 key to success.


The Connor Group actively recruits and employs people with all kinds of skills and backgrounds. We don’t require apartment industry experience – and that is by design. By not limiting ourselves to a “type,” we are able to provide careers to individuals who bring with them a wealth and diversity of experience and ideas. A career with The Connor Group provides world-class hands-on training, growth opportunities, and great benefits.